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The world has found itself in a state of acute crisis with Covid-19 and there is a lot of fear this will develop into a chronic crisis. As individuals, our worlds have been turned upside down and it is now more important than ever, to make sure we are managing our mental health and exercising self-care to ensure we can help ourselves and our loved ones.


Welcome. I am very glad you are here. This is a safe place, free of judgement or opinion with one primary purpose. That being, to help you through your journey whatever that may be. 


Do you feel like your capacity to cope has reached breaking point?

Are you struggling with an issue that you just can't resolve?

Do you want your life back but don't know where to begin? 


If so, you may be in a state of crisis.


A crisis can be acute, meaning it has occurred quickly and all at once like a sudden job loss or relationship breakdown. A crisis can also be chronic, meaning the issue has been developing for some time and is persistent such as addiction or anxiety.


The good news is there is a way in, out, over or through. Whatever is going on in your life you are greater than any challenge. You have the ability to bounce back and recover, enabling you to move forward with your life. 


I have lived experience of surviving and overcoming a number of very difficult and traumatic challenges, this experience, combined with my formal education in counselling has seen me develop a unique method to assist you to move quickly and painlessly through the crisis you are experiencing. I have the necessary skills to help you on your journey and I have helped many people recover from their crises over the years.


Click on the button below for a cost free and obligation free 30 minute consultation to discuss your situation and find out if crisis counselling is right for you. 

All new clients receive a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your needs.

Sessions are available via Zoom, phone or in person.

Session times are either 60 or 90 minutes.

In person sessions available by appointment.