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 Life Coaching, Yoga & Healing  Retreat Cambodia 


27th-31st  August  2019

A healing, life coaching retreat for getting through life's challenges 

Come and join our expert team for retreat that is all about you. This 4 night, 5 day luxury retreat is for those who are looking for peace, clarity and direction. Many people come on retreat looking for answers in the solitude, yoga and meditation. But sometimes, you need a little more than that especially if you are going through a crisis or a difficult life challenge. In luxury surroundings in a private villa with a pool, you will be able to talk about whatever is going on in your life as well as rebalance your body with yoga, healings and meditation.

Venue Highlights

Welcome to Villa Asaliah - Siem Reap - Angkor

Featuring a tropical garden with an outdoor pool. Villa Asaliah is located in a residential area, only 5 mns away from the city center. Tastefully decorated, elegant rooms feature modern interior with giant flat-screen TV connected to the internet, balcony, air conditioning, luxury ceiling fan, private bathroom with shower, hairdryer, free toiletries and pool view. The premises includes as well a large dining room with an open kitchen, lounges, sun terraces, a gym room fully equipped, a massage room, a bookstore and a home theater room.

Event Highlights

  • Vision Statement

  • To help and stabilise anyone is going through a difficult time in their lives and provide hope, help and guidance. To create a set of tools and resources so anyone can transcend their issues without feeling like they are alone and restore people back to their authentic selves. To heal and rebalance our guests and provide a respite from their daily stresses.

  • There are twice daily group sessions where you can openly talk if you wish about whatever is important to you. In addition, each person receives one private coaching session with Cameron and one healing session with our expert Indian healers. Of course, there will also be the opportunity to indulge in a luxury massage menu and enjoy the fresh cooked daily vegetarian food.

  • Our expert yoga instructor Loz will twice a day take you through simple poses designed to bring the mind, body & soul in harmony. Simple poses used in sequence to help us find appreciation for our bodies and silence the negative thought flow in our minds. Bringing an abundance of peace to your hearts.

  • Guided sunset meditations in the evenings after yoga by Rajesh and Anu. There will be a different meditation each evening.

  • Cameron is on hand all day if you feel like a chat or if you want your own time, there are plenty of places to find solitude.

  • If there is something going on in your life, this retreat is perfect for you to rest, restore and rebalance. Guest numbers are limited to no more than 6 to make sure you get the attention you deserve.




Day 1
Arrival 9am
Check in
Free Time (settling in) 10am -11pm
Opening group 11am – 12am
Lunch 12pm - 1pm
Free time 1pm – 5pm (or extra treatments if requested eg massage)
Yoga & meditation 5pm -6.30pm
Dinner 6.45pm

Day 2
Wake up 6am
Yoga 7am to 8am
Breakfast 8am – 9am
Group 9am – 10am
Free time 10am – 12am
Lunch 12pm – 1pm
Guest 1 one on one with Cameron 1pm to 2pm
Guest 2 one on one with Cameron 2pm to 3pm
Free time for other guests not receiving healing 1pm – 5pm (or extra treatments if requested eg massage)
Guest 5 Healing with Rajesh or Anu – 2pm
Guest 6 Healing with Rajesh or Anu – 3pm
Yoga & meditation 5pm -6.30pm
Dinner 6.45pm

Day 3
Wake up 6am
Yoga 7am to 8am
Breakfast 8am – 9am
Group 9am – 10am
Free time 10am – 12am
Lunch 12pm – 1pm
Guest 3 one on one with Cameron 1pm to 2pm
Guest 4 one on one with Cameron 2pm to 3pm
Free time for other guests not receiving healing 1pm – 5pm (or extra treatments if requested eg massage)
Guest 3 Healing with Rajesh or Anu – 2pm
Guest 4 Healing with Rajesh or Anu – 3pm
Yoga & meditation 5pm -6.30pm
Dinner 6.45pm

Day 4
Wake up 6am
Yoga 7am to 8am
Breakfast 8am – 9am
Group 9am – 10am
Free time 10am – 12am
Lunch 12pm – 1pm
Guest 5 one on one with Cameron 1pm to 2pm
Guest 6 one on one 2pm to 3pm
Free time for other guests not receiving healing 1pm – 5pm (or extra treatments if requested eg massage)
Guest 2 Healing with Rajesh or Anu – 2pm
Guest 1 Healing with Rajesh or Anu – 3pm
Yoga & meditation 5pm -6.30pm
Dinner 6.45pm

Day 5
Wake up 7am
Yoga 7.30am to 9am
Breakfast 9am – 10am
Final Group 10am – 11am
Check out 11am – 12am
Visit to a local pagoda for a monk blessing


Note - Cameron stays on site during the retreat and is available all day & coaching schedule is flexible 

Optional Extras for additional cost
Indulgent massage menu 
Alternative healing styles such as reiki or crystal healing etc
Private yoga classes

Meet the team

Cameron Wilson Crisis Coach and Counsellor





I would much rather talk about you than me however, you probably would like to know what qualifies me to host you on your life coaching retreat? Two things.

I hold a Diploma of Counselling/Coaching from the Australian College of Applied Psychology which is recognised by the Australian Counselling Association and Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia. In addition, I have separately studied a great many different coaching and counselling therapies and techniques. I am also a trained EFT (Tapping) practitioner.

Perhaps however, what makes me most qualified, is my own personal life experiences. Throughout my life, I have made it through many extremely high stress and at times life or death situations such as surviving stage 4 cancer. But, I did it the hard way, never asking for help and always trying to handle everything on my own which was so overwhelming. I went through crisis after crisis until I finally created and applied a 5-step formula to handle just about anything life throws at you. I applied this to myself initially and I now teach this to my clients all over the world because it works! I will introduce you to this 5-step plan on this retreat if you are interested. 

Having been up close and personal with pivotal life moments myself, I know the thoughts, feelings and emotions that go along with that. I can empathise with you and walk this journey with you. Whatever has brought you to join us on this retreat, we are with you. We will find the peace, find the clarity and create the direction. 

My goal and absolute motivation is to help you. 

Loz Adams – Yoga instructor 


Loz is a certified yoga teacher. Travelling to the Birthplace of yoga, Rishikesh, India to attain her qualification and fill up her wealth of knowledge in the art of living Yoga. Yoga is not just to be performed, it is to be lived. In the way we treat ourselves and the way we treat the world outside of us. Her yoga classes are focused heavily on healing ourselves through loving kindness and therefor making the world a little brighter than it was before one person at a time. Yoga is a non-judgement practice, we don’t focus on if we are doing it wrong or right, we only focus on our doing and being grateful for what our bodies allow us to do.



Rajesh & Anu Agwalla – Pranic Healers 



Anuradha and Rajesh Agarwalla are Certified Pranic Healers from India who have been practicing meditation and healing for the last 14 years. They are very passionate about their work and would like more and more people to benefit from it.

You can start your healing journey today!  

Are you stressed?Do you suffer from physical pain?Are you fighting with addictions, phobias or past trauma?Looking for a solution?Pranic Healing is an ancient science and art of healing physical and psychological disorders that utilizes prana or ki or chi or life energy to heal holistically.

Through years of research it was developed and synthesized by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui to accelerate the healing process. It is a highly effective no-touch, no-drug therapy  that purifies the prana to heal ailments and provide solutions for day-to-day problems. It is meant to enhance your medical treatment, not meant to replace it. Increasing the prana in the chakras enhances the self-recovery mechanism of the body. 

You have the choice of the following healing sessions during your stay;​

CHAKRA BALANCING – Major & minor body chakras are treated and balanced.DETOX HEALING – Holistic approach by laying on amethyst, rose quartz & tourmaline crystals on major chakras.Pranic Facelift - For younger, cleaner, rejuvenated & radiant skinPSYCHOTHERAPY – For achieving emotional & psychological well beingPhysical healing – Fast healing of minor ailments like cough, cold, asthma, migraine, stomachache, etc. Major illnesses like eye, kidney & heart problems can be relieved in a few sessions.Stress management – For improving mental health & achieving relaxationPROSPERITY HEALING – To attract good luck in business ventures, new deals, career growth, school/college studies etc. RELATIONSHIP HEALING – To harmonize interpersonal relationships.

Loz Pic.jpg


  • Air Conditioning in Rooms

  • Free Wifi

  • Spa

  • Pool

  • Towels

  • Free Parking

  • Kitchen

  • Coffee/Tea

  • Fitness Center

  • Yoga Studio

      Menu Types

  • Vegan

  • Vegetarian

  • Gluten Free

  • Dairy Free

  • Nut Free

       Menu / Cuisine

Our menu is vegetarian and is catered by the best vegetarian restaurant in town. If you have any particular dietary requirements, please do let us know upon booking and we will cater to your needs ie gluten free, vegan, diary free etc.


Siem Reap is located next to one of the greatest wonders of the world! The temples of Angkor Wat. So make the most of your stay here before or after your retreat and we can arrange a tour for you to see something truly amazing and spiritual.

Total cost per person for the 4 nights and 5 days inclusive of all meals and activities;

US$1200 or US$1300 for the master bedroom.


For bookings please email directly


We very much look forward to welcoming and meeting you!