Emma, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

I had one session with Cameron and on that particular day I was beyond helping myself, to say I was 'in my stuff' would be an understatement. 

Cameron worked with me in depth, allowing our session to guide itself organically, until I was able to clear the emotional sludge that had built up from a lifetime of loss and grief. 

In that one session I was set free to draw the line and move on with my life, unencumbered by the burdens of the past, once and for all. An incredible feeling of freedom. 

Cameron gave suggestions of powerful tools to use, which I have followed through with and these continue to reinforce the positive and empowering changes that he helped to facilitate. Many more positive events have occurred since and I can see how it connects back to the work I did with Cameron. Thank you so much.

David, Melbourne, Victoria

Cameron is very easy to talk to. I felt like he was really listening to me and what I had to say. He offered useful suggestions rather than pushing ideas onto me like I have had others do. Would highly recommend.

When you first make contact, you will be treated with empathy, understanding and without any judgement whatsoever. It can be tough to make that first call for help and after an informal chat, you will be glad you did.

Counselling aims to;

  • Provide a safe, confidential, non-judgemental and collaborative space for you to explore your issues in detail.

  • Clarify your thoughts and feelings.

  • Normalise where appropriate some of the feelings you may be having.

  • Stabilise your symptoms of distress

  • Lesson your symptoms of discomfort

  • Assist in your decision making

Together, we will; 

  • Identify the dimensions of your problem

  • Explore your feelings and emotions

  • Generate and explore alternatives including your untapped resources and coping skills

  • Develop and formulate an action plan

  • Agree on a follow-up plan 

Sessions are available in-person at the Bendigo office or zia Zoom, Skype and even over the phone. Whatever is the most convenient for you.



For all enquiries call the practice on

0476 787 141 or email

All enquiries are handled with the strictest confidentiality and any information collected is bound by the Australian Counselling Association Code of Conduct